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GoLab is a trusted advisor for journey entrepreneurs who are growing or rethinking their business and open to running new experiments.

GoLab holds space for you to practice stewardship as we develop plans and process issues together in real time. What should we create together?

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Stewardship is an evolving concept.  Steve Golab first became aware of it in 1998 when his trusted advisor Karl Krumm recommended he read Peter Block’s book Stewardship – Choosing Service Over Self Interest. Block conceived of stewardship as an umbrella term that encapsulates the means towards the achievement of fundamental change in the manner in which we govern organizations.

Stewardship was present again when Steve collaborated with Bijoy Goswami, Heather McKissick, and other Austin locals on the Austin Equation project from 2008 – 2011. A main finding of the project was that Austin is the ‘be yourself’ city. And also we recognized that communities, scenes, and cities could and should be stewarded on their journeys.  Subsequently, Bijoy further developed stewardship as being present for and intentional about helping any being – whether that being is a person, organization, or city… — steward it’s meaning while on a journey to become a fuller, more complete expression of itself. Bijoy even went on to coin the term ‘journey entrepreneurship‘, where he explained that the primary role of  a journey entrepreneur is to steward the meaning for their company.

In 2013, Bijoy and Steve jointly undertook the JOurneY Experience project to teach other journeyers how to steward their meaning. Over the course of two years, they convened several cohorts of fellow journeyers in a three-week long workshop that ultimately led to the delivery of the current program – a self paced and buddy based online learning course.

Steve has learned a lot about stewardship through many years practicing it as a skill. For starters, skillful stewardship requires creating space in one’s life for working on one’s meaning. One gift that Steve brings to the local entrepreneurship scene is his ability to hold space for journey entrepreneurs to practice and discover their own way of stewardship.

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GoLab Services

  • GoLab for Local Founders

    We help you cultivate connections with the people you want and need to meet. We regularly review plans and practice stewardship together.

  • GoLab for Out-Of-Towners

    We work together with you to understand why you are expanding your business into Austin, and then we help you cultivate connections with the people you want and need to meet.

  • ATX Embassy

    The ATX Embassy is safe haven for journey entrepreneurs of all kinds. Local founders use it as a place to unwind and create space in their lives.

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